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Who we are

Gemes srl operating for over 25 years in orthopedics and traumatology sector. Thanks to its experience and know-how, is among the leading Italian manufacturers of synthetic means for the treatment of bone fractures, ensuring a high level of quality and reliability of products and services provided to departments of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, especially in prosthetic hip, knee, shoulder, hand, foot, knee and shoulder nell'artroscopia, in bone fixation devices for traumatology.

The headquarters is made up of modern and equipped offices,  with an adjoining conference room with 80 seats and educational facilities with workstations for practical tests on medical devices. The company also offers a training service of marketed devices and customer support aimed at normal operation of the product, as well as a technical service with its own skilled and dedicated staff.

Over the years Gemes srl has expanded operational areas, focusing on research and development and focusing primarily on Biotechnology. This led to the development of several major European projects, allowing staff members to acquire a scientific background technical portfolio of innovative molecular biology techniques.

Aware of its potential, Gemes srl is therefore also entered the world of molecular diagnostic and predictive medicine, acquiring an advanced laboratory with several latest-generation equipment, such as Real Time PCR, which allow you to apply the latest techniques of molecular biology. Furthermore, our laboratory is able to provide molecular analysis of nutrigenomics, a new division of molecular biology that allows you to assess the risks and benefits of certain components of an individual's diet.